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The Dragon and the Phoenix

The contents of this post are based on no specific research whatsoever and contain interpretations according to my limited knowledge on the subject only. Please feel free to add/correct any factual errors or omissions.

The Dragon and the Phoenix have always been two of the most ubiquitous symbols in mythology. Especially the Dragon. Every culture major culture, from Scandinavia to China contain some reference of this mythical beast. And all of them share some common characteristics while allowing for other differences in detail, symbolism, origin-myths etc that can be attributed to cultural differences.

The common characteristics are:

Serpentine nature: i.e scaliness. Dragons are never represented as mammals Ability to breathe fireImmortality with a variation being immortal, but can be killedImmense wisdomThen there are variations of course. Some dragons are portrayed as serpentine viz. the Chinese, while others tend to be like giant lizards. However, these common points do bring forth …