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On Poetry and the flow of thought

What differs verse from prose? In verse, we have imprinted in words the momentary flash of thought that chooses to illumine our minds. Admittedly in the process of characterization, in the very act of writing it we are destroying the innate nature of the thought i.e the fleeting and completely porous trajectory that it follows in our mind, veering from tangent to tangent as it traces a course from the middle of something prior to the beginning of the next. In essence, the nature of a thought is its non linearity and it's impermanence, its almost purely sensory information.

To prevent the confusion of the reader, let me add an interlude: 'thought' here does not refer to the conscious collected assimilation of logically organized data that we do while we 'think things over' or 'ponder'. In my text I refer to the thought as being innately sensory in nature. A carrier of a momentary sensation, a perception, an ephemeral glimpse of a truth that in itself will fa…

The Flash

It is night. J walks the intermittently lit streets of the city. He is not thinking anything in particular. Thoughts flit randomly across the landscape of his weary mind. It has been a tough day. Not so much tiring as wearying. He is searching for the answer to a very important question. It is a logic-altering question. One that has plagued perhaps every mind since the dawn of time: identity. What is it? Does something like a true identity exist? However, he is not really thinking. The thought is running in a constant rhythm through his mind, much as the drone of a machine.

A few steps ahead. A streetlight is flickering on and off. Each state endures for a few seconds and is accompanied by an unusual rustling noise. J is intrigued. He walks until he is directly beneath the light. There is an alleyway leading off to the right. By the light of the flickering lamp he is able to discern a human shape seated on a pile of nondescript boxes. He stands still and waits for the next flash of il…

The Stranger

She is sitting for her usual cup of coffee in the evening, at the usual place; B____'s; and at the usual time 6pm sharp. However there is something different about her usual place: the desolate corner she is used to occupying is filled with a strangers presence on the adjacent booth. He is a an...unusual man. She watches his face hungrily, surreptitiously, furtively, but she struggles to remember details of what he LOOKS like. She sees the sharply angular, high cheek-boned face and the angular jaw. She thinks he is all angles and edges. Then she sees his eyes. She remembered very little about them afterwards. Almost nothing except that they hold her gaze for an infinitesimal shard of eternity. It is an instant that spells oblivion. He gets up, wipes his mouth with his napkin and walks off. He is unaware of what he has caused.
She finishes her coffee and for the first time, in the strict routine she has followed for the past 5 years, she sits idly in the coffee booth with her empty …

On friendship

Friendship is hard to come by in the real world. Yes. I've said it. Before you wonder whether I'm making epigrammatic statements just for sheer impact, let us concur upon an agreeable definition for friendship. What is friendship? 'A friend in need is a friend indeed' is one of those irritating sayings that everyone parrots without understanding or even trying to understand the theme or connotation behind it. Adding that fact to the already limited scope of the aforementioned homily and one has a very big misconception about the entire concept of 'friendship' in general and 'friends' in particular.

Let my essay now take the form of a dialogue for the sake of ease of comprehension and brevity:


Q: Someone whom I meet everyday and work/study with?
A: No, that is a colleague.

Q: Someone whose number I possess and contact for information. I may chit-chat with and greet them when I come across them, depending upon the time and circumstances o…

The effects of argument

Old Man: You boy! Why do you we have two ears and two eyes and only one mouth?

Me: Er... two ears because we need to gauge the direction of sound, two eyes to calculate distances accurately and only one mouth because we are mono, not sorround sound?

Old Man: Cynic!

The Adventurous Indian Woman

Forget Vikings, snowboarders, para-sailors, skydivers, whitewater-rafters and their ilk...a new adventure sports(wo)man is born! Behold- The Adventuress.

Truly all of these sports pale in comparison to the ultimate adventure...the Indian Woman venturing out of the sheltered confines of her home. All extreme sports have this feature in common risk, thrills and danger. However this particular adventure that one is referring to is far above the aforementioned ones, for not only is there the risk of physical disfigurement, there is the added spice of sexual violation and yes, the enthralling, the extreme, the thrilling danger of character assassination post casualties incurred after engaging in this attempt.

However this sport has one failing, only women are allowed to compete, while men are confined to being the environmental variables, the added 'risks' if they may.

Here are the requirements qualifying you to compete-

1.QUALIFICATION- The entrant must possess the n…

Indian Idle

Indian Idol. Auditions across the country. Only the best make it to the televised regulars. High profile judges, peppy host, higher profile guest stars, the works. The show then takes the (by now jaded and predictable) 'Reality Route' that contrary to its name bears little resemblance to reality.

In the resulting hullabaloo, the question that is foremost in my mind is... WHY?

Why does the Indian 'Idol' have to be a singer anyway?

Why do they have to sing the same songs that have been 'classics' for the past 69 years instead of allowing fresh talents to showcase their musical abilities?

Why do the judges have to be so diplomatic in their criticisms?

Why does the final decision have to be made by the voting of the masses who know NOTHING about how the candidate sings and EVERYTHING about how he's poor/ has an aged mother/ bursts into tears etc..?

Why do they have judges anyway if the final decision is made by public vote?

Why is the host so irritating?

Reasons not to buy a samsung corby

1.) Absolutely shitty battery life: my samsung corby (txt) barely lasted a day on a single charge, considering that all I used it for was to talk or text and considering that the higher corby's are touch screen and need more battery powe, its absolutely useless.

2.) No multitasking: while a text is in the process of being sent, nothing else can be done, so if you're forwarding to multiple people, be ready to have your phone rendered unusable for the duration of the sending. Also the sending fails if you get an incoming call

3.) Poor software design: to assign ringtones, one has to move them into the extremely limited phone memory which is unlike that of Nokia and Ericsson phones wherein a pointer just points out the location on the memory card.

4.) Slow processing power

5.)No bass sound in speaker... at all!!!